B.C. Supreme Court Awaits Verdict on Right to Private Healthcare

Published Date : Aug 19, 2014

In an ongoing landmark court case that is in favor to shape the healthcare industry for a better tomorrow, B.C. doctor commented that patients have been waiting for long hours to get treated. Instead, they could benefit an access to proper healthcare facilities in a private care sector, making the most of their tax dollars in a timely manner. 

Brian Day - a partner in a private care clinic and former President of Canadian Medical Association has taken an initiative on this issue forcing the provincial government to court for substantial judgment. Day says, regardless of how disabled or medically struck a person gets, one cannot spend their own money for their own health. He aims to strike down the stringent laws in Canada telling the free citizens that it is a free country and each has the right to avail private care facilities if the state is unable to provide timely healthcare solutions. 

Day’s patient paid for his own ACL operation as the public system was incapable of accommodating him during his months of treatment. 

Day supports this cause and says the fight is for those patients who have to wait for their treatment. 

The case issue ready to go the court has 130 witnesses and a bunch of lawyers with legal arguments. 

The issue revolves around the fact that if the state cannot cater services to its citizens at an appropriate time it could provide them access to private healthcare, added the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Peter Gall.

It is observed that in France, and also across the entire European region and other countries that provide healthcare facilities, patients have the liberty to use their tax dollars and extra funds to purchase procedures at private clinics. Due to this, the competition between the private and public hospitals has shrunk the wait time for treatments. 

Residents in Quebec have already achieved and won a similar case Brian Day is fighting for. Results are same for residents in British Columbia too. 

Day said, eliminating queues preserves money, and in this manner public health system has abundant money stored while people are deteriorating.  

The trial for this issue in court starts September 08, 2014.