Introduction of Newer Products holds Promise for Non-alcoholic Drinks Market

Published Date : Apr 22, 2016

Non-alcoholic drinks are beverages that have alcohol content less than 0.5% in terms of volume. Non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine are some of the common non-alcoholic drinks. Other than these, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, soft drinks, bottled water, dairy drinks, juices, and energy drinks are widely consumed as non-alcoholic drinks worldwide. In 2013, soft drinks held the largest share in this market; however, tea and coffee will register faster growth rate in the years to come. 

In the emerging economies of Asia Pacific, a rising middle class population that have high disposable incomes and are health conscious as well will drive sales of non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, rising demand for drinks that offer a mix of flavor, energy, and hydration will fuel the market’s growth. In addition, with the introduction of a large range of preservatives-free and sugar-free non-alcoholic drinks will drive this market’s growth. 

Nevertheless, rising health awareness among consumers about the ill-effects of sugary drinks in the long run will hinder growth of this market. Product innovation and increased participation from product manufacturers is expected to propel this market in the future.

North America and Europe are two major regions that are grappling with obesity and other lifestyle diseases directly associated with increased consumption of sugary drinks. To counter this, a range of sugar-free and low-calorie drinks have been introduced in the market. On the contrary, Asia Pacific is registering double-digit growth rate in the non-alcoholic drinks market due to rising disposable incomes and adoption of Western eating habits. 

The rising demand for non-alcoholic drinks has attracted the attention of existing and new players for the production of these drinks. As new players participate in this market, it will result in the introduction of new products attractive for consumers. Top companies that operate in the global non-alcoholic drinks market are Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc., PepsiCo Inc., and The Coca-Cola Company among others.