Cloud-based Data Analytics to Revolutionize the Future

Published Date : Apr 25, 2016

In the present times, the vast amount of digital data generated needs to be filtered out to let companies gain interesting insights about priorities of consumers and accordingly implement business strategies to increase revenue. The study of business data to gain actionable insights and to streamline business processes is the heart of the data analytics industry. The growing demand from enterprises to understand consumer choices and the inability to conduct analysis of data in-house have boosted the growth of the global data analytics outsourcing market. In the past couple of years, the resource pool of data analytics professionals has grown tight leading to a dearth of analysts with competitive advantageous data insights. This has further fuelled the demand for data analytics outsourcing. 

Cambridge University Focuses on Connecting HPC with Data Analytics

Cyber risk management and cyber-analytics, customer analytics, analytics from social media platforms, and fraud analytics in the BFSI domain have emerged as the recent trends in the market. In the coming years, cloud-based business analytics is expected to gain momentum in the global data analytics outsourcing market. In a recent research study at the University of Cambridge, High Performance Computing (HPC) is being connected with data analytics and OpenStack-based scientific research cloud with the help of technology from Mellanox. This is being done to improve research computing that covers a wide range of technologies that are interconnected. 

The end-to-end Ethernet interconnect solution is being deployed to improve the interconnected performance of technologies including high performance data analytics, HPC, cloud-based storage models, web services, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The University of Cambridge has been investing heavily to develop a robust architecture for research computing. The deployment of Mellanox solution will help researchers to work across multiple disciplines.