Increasing Product Proliferation to Boost North America Car Air Fresheners Market

Published Date : Apr 26, 2016

The increase in purchase of discretionary products owing to economic recovery of North America and the increasing usage of cars are amongst the major factors propelling the North America car air fresheners market. In addition, the demographic shifts are also raising the preference for car air fresheners, hence boosting market growth.

The daily use of cars results in pollution, body odor, and food remnants, and also greatly contributes to the foul smell within cars. Thus, the increasing incidence of foul smell in cars and the requirement to keep those cars clean has raised the demand for car air fresheners, particularly in the region of North America. These air fresheners are not only demanded in personal cars but are also utilized within commercial vehicles. There are a number of air fresheners sold in the market. These include paper car fresheners, cans and gels, clips and vents, sprays and aerosols, and others.

Some of the other major factors propelling the car air freshener market within North America are as follows:

  • Increasing Product Proliferation: The continuous innovations by the major players operating in the market is predicted to impact the growth of the market positively in the coming six years. A number of top companies including American Covers, Inc., S.C. Johnson & Son, Procter and Gamble Co., CAR-FRESHNER Corporation, and dba Handstands are looking on to ways for tapping the unmet requirements within the market. These unmet needs arise owing to the increasing disposable incomes, shifting lifestyles, and the development of the lucrative middle class.
  • Robust Distribution Channel Raised Revenue of North America Car Air Freshener Market: The North America car air freshener market has also been fuelled by the development of the distribution channels such as retail outlets, e-commerce, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. These products have a ubiquitous nature owing to its rising visibility, which is resulting in increased sales figures. In addition, impactful advertising, visual merchandising, and strategic product placements has also resulted in more sales within the North America car air freshener market. 

Additionally, it is expected that in the coming years organic air fresheners are predicted to build new opportunities in the development of the market for air fresheners in North America. This will be fuelled by the health-conscious people that choose organic natural air fragrance over synthetic ones.