Global 3D Printing Materials Market Rises with Increasing Consumer Preference for Attractive Packaging

Published Date : May 02, 2016

The global market for 3D printing materials has been rising expeditiously over the past couple of years. Increasing demand for 3D printing over its predecessor 2D printing modules, which is fuelled by the shifting interest for products with attractive packaging is bolstering growth of the 3D printing materials market.

In 2013, North America stood as the largest market for 3D printing materials with a share of more than 37% in the global market for these materials. However, Asia Pacific will display the fastest growth amongst all regional segments for 3D printing materials due to the increasing adoption of 3D printing technology in the developing economies of China and India.

Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America will display a significant growth in terms of volume in the coming years. However, the Rest of the World region is anticipated to display sluggish growth on account of limited developmental scope of 3D printing technology in the region.

Metals, plastics, wax, ceramics, and lay wood are the major materials used for 3D printing globally. In 2013, plastics exhibited the highest demand among all other materials for 3D printing.

The aerospace, education, automotive, consumer goods, military, industrial, architecture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals are the major application areas for 3D printing materials.