Technology Providers Focussing on M&A Activities in Global SaaS Market

Published Date : May 02, 2016

Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to a software distribution model where applications hosted by a vendor or a service provider are made available to end-users over internet. The model is increasingly being preferred with the growing popularity of new development approaches such as Ajax. Application service provider and on-demand computing software delivery models are similar to SaaS. Compatibility, global accessibility, easier administration, and compatibility are some of the key benefits of the SaaS model.

It has been observed that a large number of technology vendors are adapting to SaaS quickly even though it is still early days in terms of market adoption. Microsoft has been one of the quick adapters to the SaaS technology apart from Oracle and IBM. All these rival companies are focussing on increasing their SaaS revenue. is the leading vendor in the global SaaS market. In an attempt to stay ahead of its rivals in the market, Microsoft has made heavy investments in introducing many of the productivity features available in the Microsoft Office and Outlook in its SaaS version of the software.  

Oracle Makes 2 Back-to-Back Acquisitions of SaaS Software Providers

Oracle Corporation is on an acquisition spree to boost its position in the global SaaS market. A week ago, the California-based company bought Textura, a construction management and engineering SaaS software provider. Now, Oracle has also acquired Opower, a provider of customer engagement and energy-efficiency cloud services to utilities, through a deal worth US$532 mn. Opower offers cloud solutions to over 100 utilities including National Grid, Exelon, and Pacific Gas & Electric. This deal is an indication that Oracle is entering into meter-reading-by-cloud business.