Google Acquires Business Technology Startup Firm

Published Date : May 02, 2016

Technology giants in Silicon Valley always look out for start-ups with potential to either fund them or acquire them. Google Inc. has recently acquired a small start-up Synergyse to train its customers regarding the usage of Google Apps for Work products. Synergyse is not new to Google. In 2013, the company developed training software for Google Apps users to give them updates regarding new features and also give directions regarding the usage of products. Terms of this acquisition deal has not been disclosed yet. 

Synergyse as Part of Google will Offer Free Virtual Training Service for Google Apps

In a blog post, Google has mentioned that in order to extend their virtual training service to all customers, Synergyse will be joining Google. The product is expected to be made available as an important part of the Google Apps by second half of this year. Currently, Synergyse customers have success to their virtual training service while Google is integrating it to its own technology. To use Synergyse’s training technology, users currently need to download a chrome extension. Synergyse’s customers can listen and view audio, video, and written tutorials regarding the usage of Google App products including Google Slides and Google Docs. It is estimated that Synergyse’s service is being used by over 4,000,000 customers across 3,000 organizations. Earlier, the start-up company used to charge consumers for using its services. However, after merging with Google, the services would be free of cost. 

This acquisition points out Google’s efforts to emerge as a business technology provider. In November last year, the search engine giant hired Diane Greene, an enterprise technology expert and founder of VMware to head its cloud division that includes its Google App business.