Can Waste to Energy be the Perfect Solution to our Garbage Problems?

Published Date : May 03, 2016

Landfills are one of the largest – literally and symbolically – problem that we are facing. The amount of waste generated by mankind on a daily basis is so alarmingly high that developed nations are resorting to export their waste to developing nations or uninhabited lands just to clear land up. One of the more optimum solutions to this problem lies in waste to energy conversion. This market is coming up with the most effective ways to convert the seemingly useless waste into energy. This energy can then be supplied back to civilized areas. This provides two major advantages. Firstly, we are eliminating waste products and converting them in to something useful. Secondly, it also provides a great way stay off the fossil fuels, considerably reducing their consumption levels.

Some of the most effective technologies present in the global market for waste to energy management are thermal in nature. This is because incineration has been the most common way of reducing waste and landfills. 

Developments in Waste to Energy Market
Here are some of the key developments that have recently occurred in the field of waste to energy conversion:

  • Hampden Plant Deadline Extended to Increase Investments – The waste to energy plant planned out in Hampden has been delayed till the 30th of June, 2016, from its original date of the first of May, 2016. This is done to more number of commitments to show that the waste to energy plant is indeed a viable alternative to conventional fuels.
  • Finnish Plant Crosses 25,000 Hours of Operation – A Finnish waste to energy power plant has successfully cleared its first set of target which involved completing 25,000 hours of operation. The plant could be a major step towards commercialization of gasification plants and waste to energy management.
  • Minnesota Argues over Waste to Energy Issues – Officials from Minnesota are going head to head against the state’s policies over waste to energy management: the policies prefer waste to management over large amounts of landfill, while the officials are complaining about the environmental impact that the incinerators are having.