Exxcon Mobil Partners with FuelCell to Work on Carbon Capture Technology

Published Date : May 05, 2016

Exxcon Mobil has strengthened its partnership with FuelCell Energy through an agreement signed this week. FuelCell Energy has long been considered as a company to watch as its patented technology is targeted at economical reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. With growing concerns about climate change and global warming, the Danbury Conn. Company might make a difference in the environment. However, the only hindrance in the growth of the company has been funding. The partnership with Exxcon Mobil is expected to commercialize FuelCell’s technology. 

Carbon Capture Sequestration to Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Both Excon Mobil and FuelCell Energy have not commented on the investment amount. According to Vijay Swarup, the Vice President for R&D at Exxcon, any commercial development regarding FuelCell’s technology will take time. However, he added that Exxcon Mobil’s investment would help FuelCell in taking its research to the next level. FuelCell’s patented technology is termed as carbon capture and sequestration or C.C.S. It is a challenging potential solution to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The technology is aimed at locking away carbon dioxide that is removed from exhaust steam, into the ground or use it for industrial purposes. According to experts, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released by power plants would propel the usage of energy sources that do not release greenhouse gases. Capturing carbon dioxide and separating it from power plant exhaust conventionally requires high amount of energy. The conventional process reduces the power output of plants considerably and increases the cost of production of electricity. 

FuelCell’s technology and Exxcon’s support might help in the cost-effective implementation of carbon capture sequestration. Fuel cells generate electricity through chemical reactions and are used to provide clean energy. However, with the implementation of new technology, fuel cells will be able to provide clean energy without a link to fossil-fuel power plants.