Increasing Demand for Minuscule Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Propels Man-portable Military Electronics Market

Published Date : May 06, 2016

Man-portable military electronics comprise portable equipment that enhances or facilitates the capabilities of military personnel at warfront. Man-portable military electronics functions as a force multiplier by providing situation information in advance and offering direct link communications to soldiers on the battlefield. These devices are important to achieve high speeds, quick responsiveness, and agility for soldiers at war fronts. 

Increasing awareness among the defense and government and the security commanders of several countries for timely investments in the intelligence and surveillance services is driving the market for man-portable military electronics. The significance of adding ISTAR functionalities is being recognized across defense and military sectors, thereby encouraging growth of this market.

Although manufacturers of portable electronic devices have made significant enhancements in the military and defense sectors, the requirement for charged batteries have also been increased. To address this, products such as portable battery chargers have been developed. These portable chargers facilitate uninterrupted use of a number of electronic devices such as GPS units, night-vision goggles, radios, and mine detecting devices. The U.S. Army has made an investment in one such charger development project carried out by the communications-electronics-center (CERDEC).

In addition, substantial investments have been made in man-portable UAVs. In particular, many such systems have been deployed in the combat. For instance, companies such as AeroVironment has developed RQ-11 Raven, which is a man-portable drone. Other organizations such as EADS in Europe and CATIC in China are working on working on mini drones that can be easily lifted by soldiers. 

Today, North America dominates the man-portable military electronics market owing to high technological advancement in the region and the massive expenditure allowance enjoyed by the defense industry. Europe stands as the second-largest market for man-portale military electronics due to an increase in counter-terrorism operations that are being carried out by different counties in the region.