Growing Public Awareness Driving Demand for Gluten-free Foods

Published Date : May 12, 2016

Food allergies and intolerances have become a common occurrence and a rising public health concern. This has compelled consumers to demand for food products that cater to their changing dietary needs. As a result, the market for gluten free products has received a tremendous boost. 

Rising Incidence of Celiac Disease Driving Gluten-free Foods Market 

There has also been a growing incidence of celiac disease, further augmenting the gluten free food market. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system in a patient to react to gluten, which is a protein present in rye, barley, and wheat. The only known treatment for celiac disease is the consumption of a strictly gluten free diet for life. For those patients who have only recently been diagnosed of the condition, sticking to a diet can be pretty difficult. However, given that this condition is gaining prevalence, the gluten free foods market now presents a variety of products that can satisfy the food requirements of different people. Apart from this, the global market is also benefiting from the rising level of awareness among the general population regarding the health benefits of gluten free products.

Growing Demand for Gluten-free Foods from Across the Globe

For many years now, gluten free food has remained a niche category in the overall food and beverages industry. Except for a few specialty health food stores in some of the most developed markets of the world, the availability of these food products was almost unheard of. However, the dynamics of the market have changed tremendously thanks to the rising enthusiasm of the consumers. This can be attributed to the endorsements and promotions by celebrities and famous personalities. Gluten free food items can now be found at large supermarkets or hypermarkets, where in some cases, there are dedicated aisles just for gluten free products, alongside lactose free and sugar free foods.