Quick and Easy to Cook Characteristic of Pasta Drives Global Market

Published Date : May 13, 2016

From being a staple part of Italian diet, pasta has become a ubiquitous option in global menus. Today, various types of pastas, made from rice and wheat in a myriad shapes, are available in the market. Dry pasta is the most popularly sold form of this food product. Prepared from unleavened dough of wheat flour, pasta has become a “go to” solution for several households due to its ease and convenience of cooking. This exceptionally versatile product has given the world a unique solution to quick meals that are nutritious and filling.

Japan and Italy Lead Global Market in Terms of Countries
The types of pastas available in the global market are spaghetti, noodles, and macaroni, which can be further segmented into dried and fresh pasta. Currently, the U.S. and Europe are leading the global pasta market in terms of geography. However, in terms of country Italy and Japan are the largest consumers of pasta.

Long Shelf Life of Pasta Drives Global Market
The primary growth drivers in global pasta market are the ability to cook past quickly and easily with customizations in taste and a long shelf life of this product. This market is also being propelled by rising number of distribution channels such as hypermarkets and supermarkets along with growing consumer awareness about high nutritional value of pasta. 

Changing Consumer Lifestyles to Drive Overall Pasta Market
The introduction of various types of pasta, premixes, and ready-to-eat packaging are also expected to boost the global pasta market in the near future. The growth of the global pasta market will also be supported by the changing lifestyles of consumers and a significant rise in the disposable incomes. Furthermore, the rise of nuclear families is also expected to drive the global pasta market in the foreseeable future.