High Bay Lighting Market Driven by Increasing Industrial Sector in APAC

Published Date : May 16, 2016

 High bay lighting is utilized in buildings that need constant lighting due to the constant activity that goes on in them. High bay lighting is installed at heights of 15 feet or higher. This kind of lighting lessens the amount of power needed to supply the constant lighting. Highly energy-efficient technologies are put to use in high bay lighting systems for maximum lighting at the expense of the minimum necessary amount of power. The lighting systems currently used in industrial buildings use lighting systems of a high wattage. This increases the energy bill.

Increasing Awareness about High Energy Prices Propels High Bay Lighting Market

The increasing awareness among the population about the need to increase the efficiency of electronics has thus emerged as a major driver for the global high bay lighting market. Induction lighting, LEDs, and high-intensity discharge lighting are among the types of lighting devices used in high bay lighting.

Another major benefit of high bay lighting systems is that these lights cover the area in question from a greater height than other lighting systems. This helps provide more comprehensive illumination and very little glare. 

High Installation Costs a Barrier for Some

The efficient lighting used in high bay lighting also helps achieve lower running costs. This is another key driver propelling the global high bay lighting market. On the other hand, this factor is counteracted to some degree by the sometimes-prohibitive installation costs of high bay lighting systems. The technological sophistication of high bay lighting products is high, which results in high installation costs. 

Based on the type of end user, the global high bay lighting market is divided into warehouses, industries, transportation, sports, and garages. The increasing inclination to watch sports live has boosted the high bay lighting market. Sports arenas need to illuminate the entire stadium while ensuring the glare is kept to a bare minimum. High bay lighting systems help bring about both these conditions. The differing lighting needs of various sports events can also be managed easily with high bay lighting systems.