Retinal Surgery Advances Through Retinal Detachment Devices and Foldable IOLs

Published Date : May 17, 2016

Retinal surgery uses a wide array of devices, all of which focus on accuracy and deftness while the doctor operates on the retina, a highly valuable and complex organ. This market had been growing at a steady pace over the past, but has been showing signs of a much faster growth rate today and into the near future. Perhaps the greatest reasons for the demand of retinal surgical procedures and devices is the growing number of elderly patients. Cataract issues are highly common among senior citizens. As the developments in socioeconomic conditions are creating a growth in the overall healthcare expenditure, we can therefore see a larger number of patients, especially from the geriatric demographic, coming forward to receive retinal surgery.

Foldable IOLs to Change Retinal Surgery for the Better
In a recent surgical procedure, doctors made use of an implant that was essentially a foldable intraocular cataract lens. This innovative high-powered lens can prove to be a blessing over its predecessor, which required a highly invasive surgery to be implanted. The chances of contracting postoperative hyperopia through the latter have been rather high, while the new IOL is said to be a spherical version of the nanophthalmic eyes. The patients who had undergone the surgery had received a single-piece customizable IOL that was aspheric and monofocal. It is a foldable lens named CT Xtreme D IOL, developed the Carl Zeiss Meditec. The refractive power of these IOLs can go from +45D to +60D. This surgical procedure provides a phenomenal option of inserting a single-piece lens into a patient and dramatically reduce the chances of resulting in a hyperopic vision. This is a blessing to those in need with smaller eyes, as the large and conventional PMMS lenses required a high number of incisions and caused multiple postoperative complications in these patients.

At the same time, the current trends in the global market for retinal surgery is showing a clear and strong growth rate for retinal detachment surgery and its related devices. The statistics are even hinting that this segment could be the largest one in the market in the near future.