Innovation in Smart Bottles to Change Disease Management for Several Patients

Published Date : May 18, 2016

Smart bottles use smart technologies to serve a greater purpose than just dispensing liquids. These bottles are not only designed to track user’s water consumption, but also to remind the user to drink water, take medicines, and determine the authenticity of alcohols. The development of smart bottles is a unique example of how innovations in smart devices is changing consumer perception of regular activities and making living even simpler. Bottles are being made smart with intelligent integration of various modes of digital communication and sensors.

Demand for Smarter Living to Propel Smart Bottles Market
In the coming years, the growing demand for smarter living is expected to drive the demand for smart products such as smart bottles. In tandem with this sentiment, the increasing adoption of smart technologies is also likely to boost the global smart bottles market. Analysts predict that introduction of smart bottles is likely to garner the sector the largest market share in the overall market. 

Healthcare and Consumer Goods Sector to Offer Growth Opportunities to Overall Market
The whole of smart bottles market is still nascent and under tremendous research and development. Anticipatory judgment indicates that this market will find its end users in sectors such as healthcare, consumer goods, and food and beverages. 

Smart Bottles Have Potential to Change Disease Management
In a larger scheme of things, evolution of smart bottles does look like they are a developed version of medicine pill boxes that come with a unique feature of reminding the patients to have their medicines in case of non-adherence by patients to take medicines on time and on regular basis. In addition to this ability, smart bottles are expected to record the time at which they were opened and offer an analysis of medication intake to the user. If this is true, smart bottles are set to change disease management for several patients and their primary care givers.

Recently, Johnnie Walker launched smart bottles that allows the company to send personalized messages to customers. Furthermore, the bottles can also be tracked from the point of production to the point of consumption, which is extremely crucial in streamlining supply chain management solutions.