Sophistication in Robberies and Product Innovation Drives Global Bullet-Proof Glass Market

Published Date : May 20, 2016

Bullet-proof glass market has been witness in change in terms of both production and sale. Also known as a ballistic glass, transparent armor, or bullet-resistant glass has become an important part of all places that need exceptional security. Bullet-proof glass is used for protecting spaces from violent attacks, robberies, and assaults. Hence, this type of glass is primarily is for protecting banks, premium vehicles, cash trucks, display cases, ATM booths, and several other places. Depending on the thickness and sturdiness of the glass, a bullet-proofed area can be protected from a single bullet shot or rounds of bullets.

Public Safety Drives Global Bullet-Proof Glass Market
Materials such as thermoplastics, acrylics, glass-clad polycarbonates, and polycarbonates are used for making bullet-proof glasses depending on the level of protection needed. Bullet-proof glasses are crafted by adding layers and layers of these materials or conventional tempered glass. Increasing concerns about public safety and security are driving the global bullet-proof glass. Analysts predict that this factor will continue to remain the primary growth driver in this market.

Rampant Terrorism to Propel Global Market
The rise of terrorism and internal security threats are also important growth drivers for the overall bullet-proof glass market. The increasing sophistication in robberies is also leading to massive product innovation in the global bullet-proof glass market. Furthermore, stringent government regulations to ensure maximum security for financial institutions and to mitigate the risk to human life is also expected to drive the sale of bullet proof glass in the coming years. Owing to these reasons, residential buildings and premium vehicles are also using bullet-proof glass to a large extent.

North America Leads Overall Bullet-Proof Glass Market
Geographically, North America dominates the global bullet-proof glass market, only to be followed by Europe. Factors contributing towards growth of bullet-proof glass market in North America are the burgeoning flourishing defense sector and high incidence of armed robberies.