Advanced Night Vision (IR) Surveillance Cameras offering Required Security Solutions to Many Industries

Published Date : May 20, 2016

Over the past few years, the growth of the night vision surveillance cameras market has been outstanding. In fact, the night vision (IR) surveillance camera market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global technology and media industry. Currently, leading payers are concentrating on introducing highest quality night vision surveillance cameras to serve various applications such as face recognition, traffic management, threat detection, and continuous management of critical assets. Due to increasing theft and burglary, the demand for face recognition night vision surveillance cameras is increasing across the globe.

Moreover, the rising fear of cross-border infiltration and terrorism has spurred the demand for night vision cameras. This is expected to create many growth opportunities in the global night vision surveillance cameras market in the years to come.

What Role Does Night Vision Cameras Play in Public Sector?

Night vision cameras play a very important role in the public sector and also in the military segment. Especially, in the military segment, night vision surveillance cameras are used to keep an eye on suspicious movements or to track the unwanted access of people. The growing encouragement from the governments of various countries to enhance technology and with their increasing funding, the global market for night vision cameras is expected to experience a rapid expansion in the years to come. 

The night vision element of surveillance cameras plan an important role in intelligent imaging systems and video analytics, which are primarily used for effective video capturing for traffic monitoring, population monitoring, and industrial monitoring. With the increasing level of competition, leading players are taking efforts to contribute further with their set of new night vision cameras and accessories. 

What Shapes of Night Vision Cameras are Making a Mark in Global Market?

Among all available kinds of night vision surveillance cameras, box cameras, bullet cameras, and dome cameras are the most popularly used. PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) and fixed cameras are two of the most used types of night vision cameras across many end-use segments such as defense, public sector, transportation, retail, industrial, business organizations, and stadiums.