Busy Lifestyles of Urban Dwellers Leading to Increased Demand for Instant Beverage Premixes

Published Date : May 20, 2016

Among the many things that have transformed owing to the increasingly busy lifestyles of the world’s urban dwelling population, the shift in food and beverage consumption habits has been the most blatant one. From the early shift from home cooked meals to outside food, the global population has steadily made its move to eatables that are readily made and easily consumed. The market for premixes for ready to consume foods and beverages has witnessed significant expansion in the past few years in response to this trend.

Of these, the segment of instant beverage premixes accounts for a substantial share and the market is expanding at a favorable pace on a global front. Instant beverage premixes are concentrated forms of a variety of beverages that can be readily made by adding water and/or heating. These products have seen huge popularity in the past few years owing to the application of innovative and highly reliable packaging techniques that make the premixes more easily accessible and more attractive.

Of the vast variety of instant beverage premixes available in the market, including hot and cold drinks, fruit concentrates, soups, etc., the segment of instant coffee premix is currently the dominant market segment.

Instant coffee is a highly popular instant beverage across the globe and this widespread popularity of the beverage can be credited for the dominant market position of the segment in the global beverage premix market.

The segment of instant tea is the second choicest segment of the global instant beverage premixes market. The high popularity of tea in Asian countries is the major factor that has led to immense popularity of the instant tea premix segment in countries such as Japan and China.

The numerous health benefits of coffee and tea and their common presence in everyday breakfasts of many Asian countries are the major reasons why instant tea and coffee premixes account for a major share in the global instant beverage premixes market, and especially in the Asia Pacific regional market.

As food and beverages companies have started realizing the enormous growth opportunities that the instant beverage premixes market has to offer, many vendors are venturing in this specialty segment and leading to an increased and diverse product portfolio.