Mercedes-Benz Hops on Electric Car Bandwagon

Published Date : May 25, 2016

German car maker Mercedes Benz announced on Wednesday its plan to launch four new electric models by 2020. The new line up is set to go up against industry leaders Audi and Tesla, who have stirred the automotive industry with their range of electric vehicles. This move comes after the government in Germany announced its decision to offer sales subsidies on electric vehicles that cost less than an estimated INR 45 lakh. Mercedes Benz’s initial generation of electric cars will consist of a fleet of 50,000 units in a year given that the cost of development will be quite high. 

New Design Language for Mercedes Standalone Electric Vehicle 

The announcement of the introduction of electric cars to Mercedes Benz’s fleet was made by Thomas Weber, head of research and development. He revealed that of the four cars to be introduced in the next four years, two will be sports utility vehicles and two will be electric saloons. The SUVs are likely to be based on the GLC and the GLA, two cars that are anticipated to be launched in India in the first week of June. The electric saloons will be based on the S Class and C Class. Each of the cars will sport a new design language that is likely to be recognized instantaneously as the Mercedes Benz standalone electric vehicle. The four wheel drive and read wheel drive introductions will most probably be based on the MEA platform and will have up to three electric motors.

Major Investments by Mercedes Benz in Hamburg Plant

The new electric vehicles are likely to be produced at the Rastatt, Bremen, and Sindelfingen plants in Germany. An estimated INR 4.8 crore investment has been announced by Mercedes Benz for the Hamburg plant, which will be making the major components for the new cars. The company’s battery production facilities in the country will also be witnessing major investments to expand the plant.