Wind Turbine Inspection Services Exhibit Surging Demand as Wind Energy Farms Rise in Number

Published Date : May 26, 2016

The wind energy industry has witnessed expeditious developments over the past few years. With advancements in technology, the market competition has increased and has given birth to several wind-energy linked businesses. Wind turbine inspection has emerged to be one of the most attractive business in the wind energy industry. Wind turbine inspection services is largely focused on servicing generators and gearboxes as the multiple moving parts are vulnerable to breakdowns. With the installation capacity of the wind energy industry anticipated to double between now and 2023, the wind turbine inspection market will receive a boost. 

The market for wind turbine inspection services is gaining momentum owing to the continuous increase in wind energy capacity across the globe. The turbine is highly important element of the wind energy generation industry and is made of several smaller elements such as gearbox and generator, the wind turbine has to be inspected and serviced regularly. This guarantees optimal performance and efficiency. Hence, the adoption of wind turbine inspection services is on the rise by wind farm contractors and operators to guarantee longer duration of usage of wind turbines.

Last year in November 2015, a Bonus Energy 2.3MW turbines near Samso in Denmark underwent a catastrophic failure that led to nacelle and blades blowing off and falling into the sea. This type of incidence not only cause downtime but can also harm marine life. Due to such failures, there is increasing awareness about the importance of inspection and servicing of wind turbines, thereby fueling the market.

Drones are becoming commonplace for the inspection of wind turbines in the wind turbine inspection services market. Prior to this, a repair man was need to climb the massive structure to carry out inspection and maintenance, which was risky. Now, companies are using drones that can check for faults remotely to be followed by repair and maintenance tasks.