Increasing Number of Viral Diseases through Unsafe Injections

Published Date : May 26, 2016

Over the past few years the global safety syringes market has been on a growth trajectory. The increasing cases of viral diseases due to unsafe injections and accidental needlestick injuries are propelling the demand for safety syringes across the world. In 2014, as per the WHO, approximately 1.7 million people were infected with hepatitis B virus, almost 34 thousand individuals with HIV, and almost 0.3 million with hepatitis C virus due to unsafe injections.

The large number of initiatives by governments and NGOs to raise awareness about the threats of using unsafe injections to promote the use of safety syringes in their respective countries will propel the global market for safety syringes in the years to come. Several countries such as Australia, Canada, Nigeria, and the U.S. have already formulated and implemented law for the use of safety syringes. 

Other than this, the implementation of reimbursement policies in several nations and technical betterment in safety mechanisms of syringes will also propel growth of this market significantly in the years to come.

North America stands as the largest regional market for safety syringes globally. The shift in preference of healthcare professionals as well as patients to use safety syringes in place of conventional ones has been a vital reason for North America safety syringes market to develop exponentially. The market is expected to display steady demand in the coming years due to the increasing use of prefilled syringes with safety features.

In Asia Pacific and Rest of the World, the rising awareness about the repercussions of insecure injection practices, along with a number of immunization programs supported by UNICEF and WHO is propelling growth of the safety syringes market in these regions. Moreover, the rising trend among top market players for shifting production facilities in emerging economies in the bid to reduce manufacturing costs will drive the safety syringes market in these regions.