Skinny Jeans Trend is Over, says Fashion Industry

Published Date : Aug 21, 2014

To snuff out the trend of skinny jeans, clothing merchants tried to introduce new innovation called flares. However, women went on buying skinny jeans.

Currently, mass marketing chains such as Gap Inc. and Bloomingdale’s luxury chain are trying again to snuff out the trend of skinny jeans with looser styles. Gap has introduced dressy sweat pants. The goal of these chains is to get women consumers to buy new wardrobes and jolt out anemic apparel sales. According to a chief industry analyst, this time the fashion industry might be able to pull it off. He said that women were basically done with them and didn’t wish to wear tight jeans.

Many women now prefer to dress in a relaxed way. Hence, the fashion of loosely cut palazzo pants is in. The general manager at Gap’s Athleta brand stated that busy women don’t wish to change their clothes five times a day. They want clothes that they can wear to work and for yoga. 

After following the fashion and fad of skinny jeans, women are ready to wear comfortable clothes, according to a New York-based research analyst. She said that this trend is suitable for the size of the American shopper, and is much more forgiving for many or most women.

Women’s apparel sale has gone up by 1 percent in the U.S. and in the twelve months ending in June, the sale of women’s pants grew twice as fast. Retailers can use a lift from Target Corporation, Macy’s Inc., and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., however, they all reported disappointing results this month.

The Commerce Department reported that July sales of retail were the weakest in six months, which were affected by the lukewarm wage growth.