Safety and Convenience Offered by Electric Razors Drives Growth in Global Market

Published Date : Jun 02, 2016

As grooming habits change amongst men, tilting towards enhancing appearances and look, most of them are opting for electric shavers as opposed to manual ones. The biggest selling point of electric shavers is the convenience and comfort they provide to the users. Electric shavers use the mechanism of several well-aligned blades that are powered by electricity. Besides convenience, these razors are also safer to use as they have a unique automated functions with the amalgamation of safety components.

Men Inclined to Look Good Drive Global Razor Market
The growing importance of beauty amongst men and women of various classes have spurred the demand for the electric shavers in all parts of the world. Since years, women were the primary targets of these products, however, the increasing inclination of men towards looking good, has changed the dynamic for this market. 

Advantages of Electric Razors over Manual Ones Boosts Growth
The biggest advantage of electric shavers is that the user can control the exposure of blade to the skin with its mechanized settings. This has revolutionized the shaving activity by preventing chances of being cut, scraped, and developing unnecessary infections.

Self-Grooming Because the Strongest Undercurrent of Global Razors Market
The majority of the consumers across the globe are using electric shavers as they are faster than manual ones, thereby saving time spent in self-grooming. Furthermore, these razors do no requires creams or gels, which is has also resulted in cost savings for many. The technological advancements in electric razors have also resulted in improved efficiency of razors with minimal maintenance needs.

Asia Pacific Leads Overall Market
Currently, Asia Pacific is leading the global electric shavers market due to rising disposable income of consumers. This market is also being propelled by the increasing number of men looking after themselves for improving cosmetics. Asia Pacific electric razors market is mainly being driven by emerging economies of China and India and due to their enormous population base.