Facebook Messenger to get a Whole Lot More Diverse

Published Date : Jun 02, 2016

It seems as though no one can go an entire conversation, whether online or on text, without sending an emoji or two to our friends or acquaintances in order to better express ourselves or emphasize on what we are feeling or what we say. Chatting on Facebook Messenger is about to get a lot more interesting when it comes to the kinds of emojis we use. 

Limited Choice of Emojis for Users on Messenger 

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it will soon be rolling out a set of new emojis in Messenger to include different skin tones and colors and more female characters. Earlier, users were only able to receive and send emojis in Facebook Messenger using the software that was already on their devices or with the emoji keyboard. Android users were not able to see a particular emoji that it found on iOS because those characters were not native on the app. Although, Facebook Messenger does let users send various stickers as well as the thumbs up sign in the app. 

Facebook Messenger to Get its Own Set of Emojis

Facebook Messenger will at last get its own set of emojis and this time around, it is ensuring that the new ones move away from the stereotypical representation of women. Women, after all, do a lot more than just dance or get their hair done. Users of Facebook Messenger will be given a host of more racially- as well as gender-diverse emojis. The more than 1,500 newly designed emojis will include female characters depicting different roles and a number of gender-agnostic alternatives. In a recent blog post, Facebook wrote that the company has been diversifying the genders in order to develop a more balanced set of emojis that is a better representation of the world we live in. The new set of emojis will include a woman surfer, runner, cop, and swimmer.