Text Analytics: An Insightful Data Interpretation

Published Date : Jun 02, 2016

Text analytics offers measurable benefits to organizations across both private and public sectors. In the commercial sector, text analytics help to improve customer relationship management by interpreting data on real time basis. This leads to effective marketing, and improved brand value and customer loyalty. Furthermore, text analytics accelerates the cycle times during development of products and detects product related issues. In the public sector, text analytics is implemented to detect fraudulent activities and cyber threats. 

The generation of a huge amount of textual data has made it difficult for organizations across various sectors to summarize and interpret the data to take effective business decisions. Text analytics solutions utilize different techniques such as statistical, linguistic, and machine learning to retrieve relevant information from unstructured data. The introduction of cloud-based text analytics has further propelled the growth of the global text analytics market. 

Instagram Launches Business Profiles

To help the business profiles made on Instagram, the platform has introduced tools to measure customer engagement and business communication. In its latest blog post, Instagram has stated that it has identified the profiles belonging to businesses after interviewing a number of them. The platform focuses on three key aspects to help these business profiles: find new customers, get insights, and to stand out. These aspects will be accessible within the app. Nevertheless, text analytics will be extensively used to cater to business profiles to give insights about customer engagement. To business profiles, the platform would offer benefits such as unlocking insights and creating options for customers to call, text, or email the business. A contact button will further offer directions to the customers who are planning to visit the shop.