Virtual Reality Advancements Could be Life-Changing

Published Date : Jun 03, 2016

Virtual reality and all its utilities are just at the surface scratching phase, but moving rapidly towards their intended use by visionaries. The virtual reality tech in use today primarily focuses on gaming, but that is about to change. New developments in virtual reality are set to give other fields of education, healthcare, and ecommerce management are right around to corner. Currently, the more innovative uses of virtual reality include in surgical procedures for the reduction of errors, going shopping with friends within the comfort of a home, and learning at your school without having to go there.

A Target Beyond Gaming
Most of the promoters of top virtual reality tech companies are commenting on the utilities of their technologies for applications beyond gaming. For instance the currently ongoing tech fair in Asia, Computex, is expected to show all the viewers exactly what they have been told so far. Taipei companies are hoping the tech fair will help boost their businesses in the virtual reality realm.

The Vice President of VR New Technology, Raymond Pao, had mentioned at the HTC headquarters that the future of virtual reality will definitely reach ahead of gaming, which is merely its first step. With gaming as the first wave of virtual reality gear, developers, manufacturers, and users are all trying to get more done with the valuable tech concept. He also stated that most of the industries that are currently utilizing 3 dimensional concepts to get their jobs done will most probably end up being a part of the virtual reality wagon. Virtual reality will have a major impact on users like these.

Companies such as HTC, Samsung, and Facebook, who have already begun embracing virtual reality tech, are expected to show massive growth in their utilities in multiple industry verticals. But for now, users will have to make do with gaming based virtual reality tech that allows them to fly and fight in other worldly experiences.

The upcoming avenues for pioneering utility and design in virtual reality are largely touted to be education and retail. Both sectors are also expected to make a large scale use of augmented reality.