What Trends in Mobile Advertising will Drive Global Market towards Success?

Published Date : Jun 06, 2016

Nowadays, we see people glued to the screens of their smartphones to browse different ads of products they wish to buy. Mobile advertising is a rising trend, thanks to the new advancements made in mobile applications. Today, the majority of people are depending on smartphones to access through various ads and content and browse through the products. 

For the advertisers, the best way to reach the customers is to make their ads available in the smartphones through various applications. Although not all organizations have fully accepted people-based advertising, the mobile advertising technology has well-spread across the globe and has already made a huge impact. The effectiveness of mobile advertisements is clearly seen as it has overtaken the traditional advertising methods in a short period. Mobile advertising has proved effective for both, customers and advertisers. 

What are the key trends in mobile advertising?

  • The emergence of various kinds of mobile ads such as display ads, in-app ads, in-game ads, P2P messaging, SMS/MMS, rich media, and others are predicted to benefit the global mobile advertising market in the near future. 
  • The growing implementation of ad campaigns through various mobile applications is another rising trend in the global mobile advertising market.
  • Going forward, the in-app advertising segment is expected to contribute the highest towards the growth of the global mobile advertising market. 

The application of mobile advertising is growing across many industry verticals. Academic and government, FMCG, energy and utility, healthcare, media and entertainment, telecommunication and IT, hospitality and tourism, and supply chain and logistics are some of the industries, currently driving demand for mobile advertisements. By considering factors such as requirements, security, useful information, and flexibility, advertisers take efforts to select best ad-solutions to cater to their business requirements and usage.  

Moreover, leading companies such as Apple, Inc., Facebook, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Google, Inc. are expected to contribute significantly to the global mobile advertising market by creating space for advertisements in the mobile games and applications. The constant advancements in technology and the entry of new companies is predicted to benefit the global mobile advertising market in the near future.