Green IT Services to be boosted by Introduction of Green Revenue Index

Published Date : Jun 06, 2016

The concept of green IT services was first introduced in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency when the regulatory body launched Energy Star, a voluntary labelling program that helps organizations to curb their carbon footprints by identifying the products that offer energy efficiency. Deploying green IT services promote biodegradability and maximize energy efficiency. The global green IT services has been gaining popularity with the introduction of cloud computing, virtualization, and green networking. 

Favorable government initiatives and increasing awareness among the corporate and IT sectors to improve energy efficiency has boosted the growth of the global green IT services market. Green IT services also include redesigning data centers. As a result, the market players are expanding their reach into other IT functionalities. Large scale organizations are increasingly deploying criteria or metrics to calculate their carbon footprints. All these factors are expected to support the growth of the global green IT services market.

Green Revenue Index Launched by FTSE Russell

The Green Revenue Index, a data model developed by FTSE Russell is anticipated to emerge as a helpful tool in shifting investments into the green economy. According to a top climate official at the United Nations, the index will help investors to focus on companies that are serious about developing green products. The tool holds the potential to strengthen the Paris Climate Change Agreement with trillions of dollars of investment into the renewable energy sector. In the agreement in December, about 200 countries have pledged to invest in industries such as electric cars, renewable power plants, and other clean energy systems. The Green Revenue Index measures the green revenue generated by 13,400 public companies across 48 developing and developed markets. An initial set of 10 indexes will help investors to track green investments.