Increasing Focus on Biomass Boilers to Produce Green Energy

Published Date : Jun 06, 2016

Biomass is the key to environmental sustainability. The usage of biomass as an energy source has a number of environmental and economic advantages. While the developed economies across Europe and North America are fast realizing the importance of industrial biomass boilers and are framing policies targeted towards affordable and green energy, the developing nations in South and Central America, Asia Pacific, and Africa are largely untapped regions in the global industrial biomass boiler market. In Asia Pacific, Singapore is among the pioneers in waste management. Recently, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hyflux, a Singapore-based water company have secured loans worth US$473 mn to develop a waste to energy plant. The TuasOne plant is anticipated to generate 120 MW of energy by processing 3600 tons of waste per day. In the plant, biomass steam boilers will be fuelled by industrial and commercial wastes to generate electricity.  

GIB Invests 5.4 MW Biomass Plant
The key application areas of industrial biomass boiler include industries such as brewery, pulp and paper, sawmill, power generation, CHP production, and others. CHP production has majorly driven the demand from the global industrial biomass boiler market since 2014. Combined heat and power generation is a key to build a greener economy. As a result, governments are focussing more on CHP production. For example, in Britain, the manufacturing sector consumes a large amount of heat from non-renewable resources. In an effort to make the U.K. economy greener, the Green Investment Bank and Equitix are investing funds worth £25 mn to build a plant for CHP production in the Wrexham Industrial Estate located in Wales. The plant is expected to generate 34 GWh of energy per year. Construction of the plant is anticipated to commence soon. Once functional, the plant will generate enough green electricity to power 2,400 homes. Construction of such environmentally sustainable plants across nations will fuel the demand for industrial biomass boiler market.