Growing Awareness about Hygienic Packaging Dictates Global Metal Cans and Glass Jars Market

Published Date : Jun 07, 2016

Metal cans and glass jars are used in the packaging industry across the world. The packaging industry uses these materials as they are exceptionally reliable, sturdy, and stable with chemicals. Furthermore, metal cans and glass jars are reusable and sterile. Metal cans are used for packaging items such as fruits and vegetables, soup, meat, coffee, and tea amongst others. On the other hand, glass jars are used for packaging chemicals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, packaged food items, and pharmaceutical products amongst others.

Enhanced Self Life of Packaged Products to Drive Overall Market
Using glass jars and metal cans has helped in increasing the shelf life of the products, making them last longer. The global metal cans and glass jars market is expected to witness steady growth in the coming years due to increasing demand for canned food. Furthermore, the fact that metal cans are 100% recyclable, consumers feel no hesitation in buying them. The biggest advantage of metal cans is that they drastically reduce wastage of any sort.

Awareness about Hygienic Packaging Boosts Overall Market
The rising awareness amongst consumers about hygiene in food packaging is also driving the overall market. Owing to this reason, the research and development activities in this market have also progressed in the recent past.

Preserved Food Segment to Lead Overall Market
Out of all the types of products, the preserved food segment holds a significant share in the global metal cans market. Iran and India led this segment in 2015. Research analysts predict that this segment will continue to dominate in the coming years due to rising disposable incomes of people in India and the shifting preference towards consuming packaged food items.

However, the overall market faces a tough challenge of growing number of packaging alternatives that are cheaper than metals and jars. The volatility of raw material prices is also likely to hamper this market in the coming years.