Innovative Hairbrushes Drive Growth of Global Hairbrush Market

Published Date : Jun 09, 2016

The growing awareness about personal grooming and hair care has boosted the growth of the global hairbrush market. Rise in the number of hairdressing salons and other hairdressing establishments has also augmented the market’s growth. Increase in per capita income has played an important role in fuelling the demand for various hairdressing practices and products including hairbrushes. Furthermore, the emergence of new business models of hairdressing practices such as chair renting and mobile dressing has propelled the growth of the market. The growing preference for advanced integrated brushes is expected to define the future outlook of the market. 

Arconic Hairbrush: An Innovation with Flat Hairbrush

Hair brushes with soft or rigid bristles are extensively used in hair care for grooming, styling, smoothing, and detangling human hair. Regular usage of a quality hair brush helps to reduce various hair or scalp problems such as dandruff, hair loss, and others as it helps to stimulate blood flow on the scalp. The growing awareness about hygiene and healthcare has supported the demand for hairbrushes. Various types of hairbrushes are available in the market such as paddle, cushion, wet and vented, round, and others. The bristles in hairbrush are usually natural, synthetic, or hybrid bristles. The body of a hairbrush is made up of ceramic materials such as tourmaline and porcelain, or plastic. Reducing cost of synthetic products is expected to boost the demand for hairbrushes.

Hairdresser John Gillespie’s Arconic hairbrush is an innovation with a paddle brush, a flat rectangular hairbrush that is usually used to blow-dry hair. This cross between a paddle brush and a round barrel brush is being extensively preferred by consumers as well as hair salons owing to its easy use. While the Arconic brush is slightly more rounded than a paddle brush, it is easier to use than a round brush.