Liberia Recognized Free of Active Ebola Transmission by WHO

Published Date : Jun 10, 2016

The worst Ebola epidemic seen by the world seems to coming to an end as Liberia, one of the west African countries which was the epicenter of the viral transmission, has been recognized free of active Ebola virus transmission by the World Health Organization has announced. The World Health Organization has added Liberia to the list of African countries that have successfully tackled the deadly condition, making the country the fourth country to have received such recognition from the World Health Organization.

This declaration from World Health Organization means that 42 days have passed since the last confirmed Ebola patient was tested negative for the disease for a second time. Liberia had declared itself free of the disease in May 2015, but the viral transmission spread again three times. Most recently, the virus contracted a women after she had visited Guinea. The infection was also spread to her two children, stated WHO sources. 

The World Health Organization had declared Guinea free of the deadly fever on June 1 and Sierra Leone on March 17.

World Health Organization sources have stated that Liberia had brought many changes to its surveillance, response capabilities, and laboratory systems so as to strengthen them and effectively tackle the outbreak. Now with the country declared free of the virus, it has been demonstrated that the deadly virus and its outbreak can be contained with effective intervention.

However, Liberia will be required to undergo heightened level of surveillance for 90 more days as the virus can live on in the bodily fluids of survivors for many months. 

The Ebola outbreak had started in the year 2013 in West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia and continued to kill thousands of people and infected many more. The World Health Organization records state that the epidemic claimed more than 11,300 lives and led to infection to more than 28,600 people. The entire world made collective efforts to contain the virus and save lives of those infected during the troubled times. Now that the virus has been contained, it can be said that the efforts have paid off quite well.