Global Mushroom Market to be Driven by Nutritional Value it Offers

Published Date : Jun 14, 2016

Mushrooms are produced, processed, consumed, and loved in several countries across the globe on a large scale. Mushrooms are low-calorie foods, which are eaten raw as well as cooked. They are also used as a garnish to a meal. Mushrooms are a perfect source of B vitamins, essential minerals, potassium, and phosphorus. The carbohydrate, calorie, and fat count in mushrooms are very less, making it a very healthy option for the weight-watchers.

The introduction of organic mushrooms is one of the key factors fuelling the growth of the global mushroom market. Mushrooms are very popular in several Asian countries such as India, Japan, and China. As a result, Asia Pacific accounts for the largest market share in the global mushroom market. Mushrooms are also consumed substantially in North America and Europe. The global mushroom market has shown significant growth in the last few years and is expected to witness significant growth in the next few years.

The global mushroom market can be segmented on the basis of product type into:

  • Button
  • Shiitake
  • Oyster

Mushrooms are widely used for different recipes, direct consumption, and food and beverage processing. They are available in the market in different kinds such as frozen, canned, processed, fresh, and chilled. 

The easy availability of different mushrooms across the globe is driving the global market. Mushrooms are easily available in the farmers market, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and retail stores. The development of high yield systems, consumer preference for healthy food products, and increasing saturation in demand are some of the key factors estimated to bolster the growth of the global mushroom market in the next few years.

Some of the major players operating in the global mushroom market are OKECHAMP S.A., Monaghan Mushrooms, Modern Mushroom Farms, Scelta Mushrooms BV, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., Fresh Stock, Drinkwater Mushrooms Ltd, Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd., The Mushroom Company, Hughes Mushroom, Ecolink Baltic, Banken Champignons, the California Mushroom Farms Inc., Kulkarni Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., Agro Dutch Industries Ltd, and Bonduelle.

The increasing competition in the global mushroom market is encouraging several new players to enter the market and strengthen their position. The presence of local players in the market has intensified the competitive scenario in the market.