Big Data, A Rising Data Management Platform for Many- Global Market to Benefit from Mergers

Published Date : Jun 17, 2016

Companies using big data products have experienced timely completion of high-priority jobs, every time. Hadoop has become a globally recognized technology, commonly used for Big Data. Companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and eBay use big data management technologies. 

History says that earlier DBMS and SQL were popularly used as data management tools. But today, advancements in the technology have paved the way for big data technologies such as Hadoop, as they offer a more generalized data management platform than the traditional ones. Today, big data being a universal concept, it has been adopted even by the small scale organizations. 

The high efficiency of open source software and the cost advantages are the major driving factors for the global big data market. As organizations merge to increase their share in the global market, they need to advance their big data usage to run business campaigns, applications, and activities. Social Media giants such as Facebook and Twitter use big data to manage millions of daily databases. Mergers between two top performing social media companies will definitely block the data clusters and will create the need to update their currently operative big data services. 

Mergers and Acquisitions would Require Updating Existing Big Data Products

Recently, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Twitter were in the news, where Twitter was predicted to benefit due to the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. Wonder how these social media giants manage a database of millions of profiles? The job is done by big data service providers. 

By adopting the advanced big data products, organizations can continue operating their business. There is no doubt that the adoption of big data products is growing, not just by globally recognized organizations but also by small-size companies. Thus, the global big data market is expected to find its new growth opportunities in the years to come.   

Big data services play an important role for data analysts, business experts, and data scientist of organizations to drive valuable business insights and performance metrics. Leading players in the global big data market are taking efforts to introduce new products and services to fulfill the growing data management needs of organizations. Thus, the global big data market is expected to create new growth opportunities in the years to come.