Daimler Working on Green Technologies without Ignoring Other Engine Technologies

Published Date : Jun 17, 2016

While Mercedes Benz and its parent company Daimler is focusing on vehicle electrification like other auto manufacturers, they are not shifting their focus from other engine technologies. According to a board member of Daimler’s management group, the company is focusing on green technologies keeping in view the need to reduce emissions. Funds worth 14.5 bn Euros will be spent on research and development activities regarding green technologies over the period of next two years. Out of this amount, about 5.4 bn Euros will be spent on passenger cars.

The company has claimed that no other auto manufacturer offers such a wide range of electric vehicles. In the field of electric mobility, Daimler AG offers smart cars to attractive buses, passenger cars, trucks, and coaches of the Fuso brand. Daimler’s management board member Thomas Weber has stated that the auto manufacturer will electrify all models under its passenger car series gradually. It is interesting to note that the automotive industry is increasingly inclining towards manufacturing all-electric vehicles. Government initiatives are playing an important role in the manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles. For example, the German government has declared that all new cars registered and sold in Germany need to be zero-emissions/electric cars by the end of 2030. 

Mercedes Focusing on Internal- Combustion Diesel and Gasoline Engines with Mild Hybridization

However, Daimler AG is committed towards other motor technologies. According to Weber, the company is not trying to introduce a single type of power train for all applications. Rather, the emphasis is on enhanced efficiency through the usage of intelligent technology. As a result, the company is focusing on the manufacturing of internal-combustion engines that run on plug-in hybrids, hydrogen, batteries, diesel, or gasoline. Mercedes is stressing on cleaner diesel and gasoline engines with better efficiency. Additions such as more efficient starter generators, mild hybridization, and particulate filters will help the clean running of engines. By 2017, Mercedes Sedan will have 485V mild hybrid motors.