Amid Competition for Healthy Snacks, Burger King Introduces Mac and Cheese-Stuffed Cheetos

Published Date : Jun 23, 2016

A majority of the fast food chains are shifting their focus on healthy snacks to appeal to the health conscious consumers. The growing awareness about obesity, diabetes, and other complications has led to an increasing number of consumers to opt for healthy food. This, in turn, has made fast food chains to offer healthier options in their menus. Brands such as Chipotle and Panera have included healthier and fresher alternative to fast foods. At McDonald’s, premium grilled chicken classic sandwich has been introduced keeping in mind the choices of health conscious consumers. Posted calorie information on menus has further led consumers to opt for healthier options. Amid the intense competition between fast food chains, Subway has particularly stood out due to its generous offerings of fresh vegetables and proteins.  

Burger King’s New Addition Raises Eyebrows

Burger King has recently introduced mac and cheese-stuffed Cheetos in its menu. The deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks coated in breading of Cheetos are definitely one of the most calorie-stuffed offering in the menu. Five such sticks have been priced at US$2.49. According to Alex Macedo, the president of Burger King in North America, the new offering is quite unique. The fast food chain is testing the new offering in Southern California for 8 weeks. Needless to say, the new addition to the menu has raised eyebrows of health conscious consumers. The fast food chain aims to increase its sales through the new addition.