Skincare Devices remain Leading Segment in Global Beauty Products Industry – Here’s How

Published Date : Jul 07, 2016

In the global beauty products industry, the skin care devices segment remains the major driver. Beyond India, China, and Indonesia, the U.S. will also be a rapidly growing market in the next five years. Rising innovation and the increasing demand for new skincare devices will boost the global market. From limited products to a wide variety, the global skincare market has gone a long way. Technology has made it possible for leading players to introduce new skincare devices every now and then. This gives a different experience for consumers willing to invest in beauty products. 

Niche brands are taking efforts to introduce new facial moisturizers, face masks, skincare patches, wrinkle removal patches, and anti-aging patches. Leading players predict that the rising skin diseases will increase the demand for many skincare products and devices. 

Which skincare devices will gain maximum demand?

  • Diagnostic devices such as dermatoscopes, image guidance systems, and biopsy devices will gain more demand in the next five years. 
  • Treatment devices such as LED therapy devices and electrosurgical devices will see many innovations. 
  • Advancements in technology will allow leading players to introduce fully-featured lasabrasion devices and cryotherapy devices. 

How will technology impact customer experience?

The influence of advancements in technology has been twofold in the global skincare devices market. New technologies such as wearable devices have already benefited the manufacturers to introduce a new set of skincare devices. Digital apps have helped leading manufacturers to interact with customers and introduce customized skincare devices. The growing desire from consumers for effective skincare solutions has motivated the key companies to concentrate more on new device discoveries. 

Skincare devices are being increasingly used for disease diagnosis and treatment, hair removal, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and damage repair. As the elderly face many skin issues, the growing aging population is a strong driver for the global skincare devices market. Nowadays, age is not the factor for skin diseases. 

People of all ages face some kind of skin diseases at some stage. Many people use skincare devices just to maintain the beauty of their skin. The changing lifestyles of people and the growing disposable income are two of the other factors expected to propel the global skincare devices market.