Pinterest Focuses on Camera-Search Technology

Published Date : Jul 08, 2016

Taking help of mobile photography, Pinterest is developing an image-discovery app that would help users to buy what they see around them with links to retail sites. A user can point the smartphone camera at an item and the app will search a similar match of the item through its online showroom consisting of 75 bn images. The San Francisco-based startup firm was established six years ago and offers content-sharing service that allows users to ‘pin’ images and videos. The startup firm makes money mainly through advertising. 

Camera-Search Technology would usher a New Kind of Shopping Behaviour among Consumers

If the camera-search technology tastes success, this would introduce a new kind of shopping behaviour among consumers. Pinterest has the possibility to emerge as an e-commerce platform and increase its valuation from the present US$11 bn. However, this technology is not new in the market. Companies such as Google and Amazon have tried their hands on this technology but have received inconsistent results. Hence, Pinterest needs to prove first that it can persuade its users to adopt the technology. Industry analysts have pointed out that the technology has not impacted the retail sector yet. 

Last week, Pinterest gave a demo of its technology and is optimistic about its adoption among users. Once a user captures an image of an item, Pinterest searches through its database to ind out images that are visually similar. Pinterest has proved to be a useful platform for retailers who advertise on the platform to sell around 10 mn items including hiking boots and decorative pillows. Though Pinterest does not earn revenue from the sales of these items, it hopes to ask the retailers to increase their advertising budgets.