Three Major Factors Impacting Development of Global Microscopy Devices Market

Published Date : Jul 12, 2016

Microscopes have been into existence for a long time and have evolved as well as diversified for a number of purposes owing to growing exploratory and general academic research. New interests in a number of areas such as that of atomic scale semiconductor arrangement and nanotechnology have brought in new needs for the mediums employing microscopes. The most swiftly developing market employing these cutting-edge microscopes comprises the industrial segment.  The top factors influencing the growth of the global microscopy devices market are:

  • Introduction of Quantum Dots, a Key Growth Opportunity: There a number of trends seen in the global microscopy devices market. The introduction of quantum dots technology within the industry of semiconductors is a key opportunity seen in the market for microscopy devices. Another significant trend is the trend of miniaturization. This will present a prime opportunity to the cutting-edge microscopy devices scanning probe microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, and transmission electron microscopes. A number of companies, for instance, United Microelectronics and Samsung are predicted to introduce ultra-nano chips shortly. This will in return generate new demand for cutting-edge microscopy devices.
  • Increasing Product Innovation by Key Plays to Propel Market Growth: The increasing activities of research and development in a number of applications areas and the increasing number of product innovations by the major players dominant in the market will stimulate the growth of the market for microscopy devices. For instance, Hitachi High-Technologies has launched an advanced TEM that operates even under room lights. In addition, FEI Company, which has its headquarters at Oregon has also introduced the new ASPEX CleanCHK analyzer specifically designed to be used within the automotive industry. 
  • Soaring Costs of Advanced-Technology Microscopy Devices to Inhibit Market Growth: Though, the market for microscopy devices is poised to grow in the coming years, still the complex parts of the cutting-edge microscopy devices may inhibit the adoption of these devices. Furthermore, the soaring costs of the advanced technology microscopy devices may also restrain the penetration of these devices in the coming years. This is owing to the fact that though a number of small companies and private research institutes globally are in dire need of these devices, still they are not able to afford them. This is majorly because of the dearth in funding causing lower adoption of these devices in a number of research institutes relying on corporate as well as federal funding.