Kayser Automotive Sells Off Nissan Brand

Published Date : Jul 13, 2016

The international automotive landscape has witnessed a sea change in the past couple of years. The development of connected cars and autonomous cars has led to the entry of technology giants in the automotive sector, thereby intensifying the competition. To keep up their share amid this competition, a number of automotive manufacturers have entered into partnerships, while a few have resorted to mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, a number of market players are breaking off their long run of partnerships as well.

Kayser to Focus on Domestic Brands and Pre-Owned Vehicles

The latest in line of automotive manufacturers ending their long running partnerships is Kayser Automotive Group. The company has ended its 16-year long partnership with Nissan. The terms of transaction has not been yet disclosed. According to the reports, the Madison-based Kayser Automotive has sold its Nissan line to Rosen Automotive Group. This strategic move will let Kayser to focus on the sales of its domestic brands such as Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, and other pre-owned vehicles.

According to Sean Baxter, the president of Kayser Automotive Group, this decision would help the company to focus on domestic and pre-owned sales. Employees of Kayser working with Nissan have been given the option to find positions to stay with the company. Baxter ensured that no layoffs would happen due to this deal.