Night Vision Surveillance Cameras getting Smarter and Digital – Demand to Grow from Military and Defense

Published Date : Jul 18, 2016

Cameras with night vision are the latest trend in the global technology and media market. In today’s digital era, the new night vision surveillance cameras have already impressed many users from the retail industry, residential areas, business organizations, defense, military, and the public sector. The recent cases of terror strikes and cross-border attacks have led the defense and military groups to install high vision surveillance cameras. Governments have started exploring new ways to offer security and safety to respective citizens. The rising fear of terrorism and cross-border infiltration have developed a market for surveillance cameras.

As the situation around national borders tend to worsen, the demand for night vision surveillance cameras is expected to increase. Rising demand for secured living premises, secured borders, and secured access surges is expected to propel the demand for night vision surveillance cameras.

Demand from Businesses and Residential Areas to Grow

The demand for night vision surveillance cameras is expected to grow from residential areas as well as businesses. The incidence of thefts and robberies in residential areas has been increasing since recent years. Many organizations have registered complaints of illegal access to business premises, robbery of assets, and security breach. This has made residential areas and businesses more proactive to install high-quality night vision surveillance cameras in their premises. 

Among all available types of night vision surveillance cameras, the fixed and PTZ cameras are the ones being used the most. The growing installation of fixed cameras by retail organizations, public sector and defense, transportation, stadiums, and business organizations will propel the global market. As dome cameras cover a wider area, they are in more demand than other types. Dome cameras find application in business organizations, parking areas, shops and supermarkets, ATMs, banks, and many other areas. Box cameras are increasingly being used in military areas and cross borders.

Technological advancements have remade many industries. Today, the global night vision surveillance cameras market is enjoying the changing trends in technology. Going forward, the market will experience many new products with the entry of new players.