Smart Devices to Provide Growth Opportunities for Gesture Identification Technologies

Published Date : Jul 18, 2016

The user-friendliness, the human-machine interaction and security promised by the gesture recognition technology are helping it in registering a robust growth. This has led to costumer preference for gesture enabled electronics, including tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. The increasing application of gesture control technology in healthcare, banks, and retail sector are some of the key factors contributing to the rise in global gesture recognition market.

Gesture Technology Makes the Handling of Complex Machines Easier

The market shall witness a major change in the operation and handling of complex machinery with the introduction of gesture control solutions. The complex and bulky machines can be operated remotely with the help of gesture recognition applications. The technology can also help in managing hazardous machines, like reactors from a distance, ensuring safety. The gesture control will also enable automation in the places wherever manual settings were required.

Automation in the automobile industry through gesture technology will ensure onboard safety and also lift its technology quotient. After the success of touch and voice control, companies are working on the gesture controlled central console of the vehicle.

Gesture Technology Gains Popularity in Gaming Industry

Recent development in the gesture tracking technology and 3D Vision has fueled the demand for gesture technology in the gaming industry. The tracking enabled gaming console coupled with 2D gesture identification technology in smart devices such as PCs, TVs, and tablets are propelling the demand for non-touch, non-voice gesture recognition technology.

Although, limited numbers of recognizable gestures saved in the system is causing a hindrance for the gesture technology to take over the gaming industry. Yet, technological advancements in the gesture recognition market coupled with rising demand for altogether more realistic gaming experience are offering excellent opportunities for the key companies in the gesture recognition market.