HD Set-top Boxes to Beat Cable TVs in terms of Demand– A Milestone for Global Set-top Boxes Market

Published Date : Jul 25, 2016

Set-top boxes are now not tied to specific households as technology is fast spreading to every corner of the world. After dish TVs, set-top boxes are being increasingly adopted by the house owners. Set-top boxes have changed the TV buying trend entirely. The availability of set-top boxes has increased the sales of television sets in many areas. Many multi-channel video programming distributors are signing licensing agreements with set-top box manufacturers. The rise in the digitization has led to the rising adoption of set-top boxes.

Currently, the global set-top boxes market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global technology and media industry. The rise of cable, hybrid broadcast broadband set-top box, satellite, and IPTV has led to the growing adoption of set-top boxes. The adoption of set-top boxes is consistently growing in countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, and a few parts of Latin America. Standard definition set-top boxes are now being taken over by the high definition set-top boxes.

In the past few years, the global set-top boxes market has registered many mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships between the new entrants and leading players. Leading manufacturers of set-top boxes are planning to sign partnerships with leading broadcast content providers and pay TV operators. The introduction of 4K and 8K video formats has led to the growth of the global set-top boxes market. Rising government funding and investments in research and development activities to manufacture new set-top boxes will propel the global market in the long run.

Gone are the days when people were excited about installing a cable connection to their television sets. The trend is shifted towards high definition set-top boxes offering highest quality picture output. Customization has helped people select particular packages as per their preferences. Considering the growing demand for set-top boxes, service providers have started offering a wide variety of packages suitable for viewers of all ages.

The entry of new set-top box manufacturers has made the global market highly competitive. Manufacturers are taking efforts to understand the needs of TV viewers from across the globe. Most of the developing nations are shifting their focus towards digitization, which has boosted the global set-top boxes market.