Is Prisma a Teaser for the Advent of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps?

Published Date : Jul 28, 2016

Prisma, the photo-editing app, developed by a small product development team at PRISMA Labs in Moscow, Russia, have taken the world by storm. It has also emerged as key factor in bringing back life to the already vanishing photo-editing software industry. This application has become quite famous and is competing the already famous app, Pokemon Go. 

Prisma is capable of building a photo from ground-up through its revolutionary art filters and applies the work of renowned artists such as Go for Baroque by Roy Lichtenstein, Scream by Edvard Munch, etc. It also adds the touches of Van Gogh and Picasso for transforming the sketch into ultra-realistic piece of work.

This app also utilized an amalgamation of artificial intelligence, cloud-based machine learning, and artificial intelligence for applying a range mimicking styles and filter effects of artists to the required images. Having over 10 mn downloads on iOS as well as 40k on the Android and all this within just a few hours of its introduction is remarkable! 

The Prisma team is quite clear on what its aim is and what it wants to achieve which is user satisfaction and product simplicity, as stated by the founder of Prisma. He further stated that the team wanted to make a simple app involving a photo capture and choosing the filter to be applied, and voila, you are done! 

The founder of Prisma also stated that the editing of photos is just a start. They also want to add something on the similar lines of the Boomerang app from Instagram, such as short cycles. He said that they want to add these in the coming future and will also introduce some more sophisticated filters rendering superb quality pictures. 

He further stated that the main aim of the team at Prisma is also to make this app available to a number of more markets and to look for monetization via sponsored filters instead of forcing for in-app purchases. He further stated that they are still waiting on the miracles that are bound to come in the app world with the advent of artificial intelligence.