Sophisticated Surgical Equipment to Simplify Operations, to Benefit Global Operating Room Equipment Market

Published Date : Jul 29, 2016

The operating room equipment market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global medical devices industry. The operating room equipment market has been undergoing many developments and changes owing to the adoption of technological changes. Authorities of the operating rooms are able to house new equipment and devices owing to the advancements in the healthcare infrastructure. 

The number of accidents is consistently increasing across the globe, thereby increasing the number of people required to be operated for injuries. The number of people being operated for various cardiovascular diseases, infections, and other bodily injuries is also mounting at a fast pace. All this has pushed authorities to keep the highest-quality equipment in operating rooms for conducting successful surgical procedures and operations. 

Advancements in Medical Devices Makes Operating Rooms Technology-friendly

The trends in operating room equipment are influenced by the changing technologies and advancements in medical devices. For example, operation tables are now being made compatible with advanced OR X-ray devices and equipment. Power consoles in the operating rooms have minimized the clutter of wires and tubes. Surgical lighting is being designed for better compatibility with video equipment and the air-handling systems. With such advancements, operating rooms have become more sophisticated and technology-friendly.

The adoption of changing trends has not only benefited the medical devices but also enhanced the engineering and design of operating rooms. Going forward, the introduction of hybrid operating rooms is expected to benefit the global operating room equipment market. As hybrid operating rooms offer higher flexibility to the doctors, they have been increasingly built by hospitals, care units, and medical care centers. Increasing government funding for building hybrid operating rooms is expected to benefit the global market. 

High Cost of Designing and Developing Operating Room Equipment to Hamper Demand

The high cost of designing and developing operating room equipment is the key factor expected to hamper the growth of the global operating room equipment. However, the rising number of ambulatory surgical centers are predicted to benefit the market in the years to come. Advanced surgical devices are currently trending in the global operating room equipment market. Such advanced surgical equipment will benefit the safety and performance factors of operations. 

The demand for operating room equipment such as patient warmers, electric surgical units, handheld surgical equipment, and patient monitoring systems is expected to increase, thus benefiting the global market.