Growing Residential and Commercial Constructions to Propel Demand for Ventilation Fans

Published Date : Aug 01, 2016

Since the past decade, there have been many construction projects launched, both residential and commercial. The availability of genuine quality construction materials and the advancements in the construction tools, machinery, and equipment have helped contractors in building new-era buildings with the highest quality interiors and exteriors. 

Ventilation fans have become one of the essential interiors for any commercial and residential property. Ventilation fans circulate clear air from the atmosphere and control temperature by removing dust, heat, odors, smoke, moisture, and carbon dioxide. The growth in the construction industry has led to the growing adoption of ventilation fans. The market for hybrid ventilation, natural ventilation, and mechanical ventilation is expected to increase in the years to come. The adoption of ventilation fans is expected to increase from the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. 

The global market for ventilation fans offers many types such as axial fans, centrifugal fans, cross-flow fans, power roof fans, domestic exhaust fans, and range hood fans. The application of axial ventilation is expected to increase in the years to come, making this type of ventilation fans, the most commonly used. Axial ventilation is being increasingly used for cooling fans, ceiling fans, computer cooling, wind tunnels, ventilation exhaust fans, and automobiles. 

Among the end-user segment, the demand for ventilation fans is expected to be the highest from the residential sector. Changing economies, changes in the lifestyles, the rising spending capacity, and the improving market have led to the consistent rise in the residential construction projects. Today, the contractors are focusing on building customized residential properties by taking into consideration the needs and lifestyles of people. The demand for luxury apartments, flats, and row houses has increased. This has led to the growing demand for ventilation fans, thus propelling the market continuously.

In the commercial industry, increasing number of industrial plants, manufacturing plants, chemical industries, and agricultural industries are being constructed across the globe. Circulating fresh air and maintaining air temperature at such industries is of utmost importance. This has increased the demand for branded ventilation fans across all industries. 

The growing awareness of maintaining indoor air quality will further propel the global ventilation fans market. However, the market will be affected by high installation costs and maintenance costs.