Demand for Green Tea and Black Tea Continues to Increase - Driving Factor for Global Tea Market

Published Date : Aug 02, 2016

The emergence of green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, and other options has boosted the growth of the global tea market. Globally, the consumption of tea is increasing rapidly due to the growing awareness of the many benefits offered by the drink. Antioxidants present in tea helps treat cancer, prevents arthritis, controls blood pressure, minimizes the risks of heart diseases, and also helps improve the bone density. The consumption of green tea is increased among the health-conscious people, which is another factor expected to propel the global tea market in the coming few years. 

The demand for crush, tear, and curl (CTC) tea is increasing across the globe owing to its many benefits. As green tea and black tea contains cancer preventing ingredients, their demand will continue to increase. Gone are the days, when tea was considered as the morning drink. Today, it has become one of the popular health drinks, available in many formats and flavors. Tea has become an important beverage, next to water and is available at reasonably low prices. The availability of tea in supermarkets, mini-markets, shopping centers, and general stores is common. Thanks to the advent of the internet, many online stores sell all kinds of tea, black tea, and green tea, which has boosted the global tea market. 

In the global beverages industry, the global tea market is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets. Diversified trends, changing lifestyles, the growing preferences towards healthy food and beverages, and the availability of many flavors are some of the factors responsible for the consistently growing global tea market. 

The availability of alternative beverages still remains the biggest challenge for the global tea market. Side effects of excessive intake of tea also appear to be one of the factors restraining the growth of the global market. 

However, the introduction of new flavors from key companies will propel the global market. Key companies such as Twinings of London, Tata Global Beverages Ltd., and Unilever are focusing on adding more green tea options in the global market.