Disposable Contact Lenses Gains More Demand than Reusable Lenses - Global Eyewear Market to Benefit

Published Date : Aug 03, 2016

Disposable’ is the new trend in contact lenses and have gained more popularity than the reusable contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses gained acceptance since they were first introduced in the market in 1990. Currently, the demand for soft contact lenses, especially the daily disposable contact lenses is the highest in the U.S. Consistently changing technology has successfully changed many industries; even the global eyewear market has benefited. 

Manufacturers of eyewear are focusing on manufacturing daily disposable contact lenses as per the growing demand from the patrons. Companies manufacturing eyewear are taking full advantage of the advancements in the technology. Changing designs, manufacturing tools, materials, and changing preferences are consistently giving new ideas to the manufacturers to come up with new designs in eyewear. Recent changes in the eyewear trends are a reflection of ongoing advances in capabilities and materials used for designing contact lenses. 

Among all available disposable contact lenses, the soft material contact lenses have gained more importance. Being made from soft material, these disposable eyewear devices offer better comfort to the users. Disposable contact lenses also give a chance to the users to select a newly introduced design, thus match their changing fashion needs. The popularity of advanced silicon materials and the rising use of multifocal designs for disposable contact lenses is been increasing across the globe. 

Since recent years, new designs and new materials have been boosting the sale of disposable contact lenses, thus is expected to propel the global eyewear market. Manufacturers of eyewear are also focusing on introducing new disposable contact lenses that could solve commonly arising vision problems. With this, users can expect better comfort. Numbered disposable contact lenses are also being manufactured by taking care of latest trends. 

The demand for comprising spectacles, contact lenses, and corrective eyewear is expected to increase. Apart from contact lenses, the consistently increasing use of luxury sunglasses is also predicted to propel the global eyewear market in the near future. 

In the years to come, the global eyewear market is expected to emerge as one of the fastest growing markets in the consumer goods industry.