Micro-segmentation to Benefit Cloud-based Systems, to Benefit Cloud Security Market

Published Date : Aug 08, 2016

Cloud data services have simplified the lives of many businesses, organizations, and individuals. Unfortunately, with an increasing use of cloud data services, there has been a rise in cloud data frauds as well. However, the advent of cloud security service providers has kept cybercriminals away from committing data crime. 

Looking at the success of cloud-based services, the future of this market is expected to be bright. But this will be possible only with the strong support of security services, predicts many experts. Funding for cloud services from the governments of various nations has been increasing consistently since the past years. There has been a growth in the efforts taken by research and development activities by key cloud organizations in introducing new cloud-based services, applications, and products. All this has benefited the cloud computing market on a large scale. The growing demand for cloud-based products and applications is expected to propel the global cloud security market in the years to come. 

How will Micro-segmentation Benefit Cloud Security Market? 

Micro-segmentation, a new data security technique, is being increasingly used by businesses and individuals using cloud-based solutions. This security approach arranges a single network into small parts, thus helps in limiting data breach to a particular affected area. 

Micro-segmentation not only prevents data damage but also helps in easily recovering the lost data. The feature of micro-segmentation of simulating procedures into software-based solutions has benefited the users of cloud security systems. As micro-segmentation offers a hardware-based firewall, it encourages safety and improved agility by using fewer resources. All these features of micro-segmentation are expected to benefit users of cloud security services.    

For managing business data, many organizations have started adopting cloud-based services. As cloud-based security solutions are simple to manage, offer a high degree of security and are efficient, they are commonly used by many. As the number of businesses, individual and partnership businesses is expected to increase, the need for data security is anticipated to surge as well. 

Key companies such as Symantec Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Trend Micro, Inc. are expected to introduce new cloud security solutions in the global market. This is expected to make the market for cloud security solutions more competitive and promising.