Rising Construction Activities Worldwide to Shape Growth of the Global Mattress Market

Published Date : Aug 09, 2016

Changing lifestyles have transformed various optional commodities into necessities. One such thing is a mattress. Mattress come in a wide range of product varieties based on styles, sizes, and a range of firmness. Post-recession economic stability across developed countries and rising disposable incomes in developing countries are positively influencing the market. An affluent consumer is willing to pay more for premium mattresses that assure greater comfort and excellent sound sleep. All these factors are likely to keep the global mattress market on the growth track.

Flourishing Hospitality Industry to Drive Demand for Mattresses: Rising consumer spending on leisure activities can be attributed to the increased average income. This trend has registered an augmented visits to hotels. In addition, a rise in the construction of new hotels is surging the demand for mattresses. These factors are contributing to the substantial growth of the global mattress market.

Rising number of renovation activities and new homeowners to Propel Sales of Mattresses: The sales of new homes and renovation of old houses are notifying an upward trend across developed and developing countries. In developed countries of Europe and North America, this trend can be attributed to stabilizing economies post the economic depression of 2008. In developing regions such as Latin America, Asia Pacific, and regions of Africa, emerging economies play a central role in the rise of domestic construction activities. Home renovation activities have become more frequent owing to rising disposable incomes of the homeowners in the region. Another factor attributing to the rise in the domestic construction activities in the region is the large-scale migration from rural to urban areas. These factors are contributing to the global mattress market as a high impact driver.

Increasing Prevalence of Sleep Disorders to Boost Uptake of Mattresses: Mattresses are gaining a worldwide popularity due to cost effectively and large scope of innovation. The demand for mattresses is anticipated to propel owing to growing prevalence of a number of health concerns associated with uncomfortable sleeping surfaces and sleep disorders.